Locating a missing person

missing person

Locating a missing person

Find a Missing Person


If someone important to you is now a missing person, it can be very distressing indeed. Traditionally, when this happens you may go to the police, they’ll have their methods of course, but they have lots of other things to deal with so your issues may not be very high on their list of priorities. Typically the police won’t go out looking, they’ll just monitor things like bank accounts and hospitals for reports of activity. The good news is that you can get a private investigator on the case for you for you quicker, and with more effective results. A private investigator will put as much effort into finding your missing person as you wish them to.


In this article, we take a look at using a private detective agency  and how it can make things so much easier for yourself. Locating a missing person or loved one or anyone else can be difficult or nigh-on impossible if you don’t know what you’re doing, but professional investigators have their own way of doing things that can get you the answers you need.


The Federal Privacy Act


What makes it so hard for Australian citizens to find people are the restrictions caused by the Federal Privacy Act, which is much more severe than similar English-speaking societies like the US and the UK. So, for the average Aussie, their hands are tied when trying to find a missing person, however, a private investigator  is a completely legal thing to do, so long as there’s no criminal intent from the client of course.


A private detective  is licensed and permitted by law to gather information and investigate the whereabouts of any missing person for financial reward. Whilst many of the same privacy laws still apply to investigators, professionals tend to know how to circumvent all of this bureaucracy to find the person they’re looking for –  meaning your chances of finding them go up significantly. We use a combination of databases and desktop searches along with interviewing witnesses and even liaising with the police to garner their assistance in locating the missing person


Missing Person Older Cases Call For Extra Expertise


Often when someone disappears, it’s assumed that they simply don’t want to be found, so they’re not initially looked for. In this kind of scenario, it can be even more difficult to find any given person due to the time that’s passed. Time also has a habit of muddying the facts, with memory fading about the details – as is often the case when talking about people trying to locate their birth parents. For example, a biological mother who had a falling out with the biological father can often deliberately obscure your search for your birth parent. we find this to be a fairly common scenario in the hunt for a missing person.


What a private investigator  can do is put together a picture of all available information about the individual in question. The reality is that there is a chance that they may have passed on, moved abroad, changed their name due to marriage or other things that can make it harder for them to be located. What getting a professional investigator involved is to give you the peace of mind of knowing you’ve done everything you could, as they can often make the most of even sketchy information. an investigator won’t solve every case, but you’d be surprised how many people say to us that they’ve been searching for 40 years, and we find the missing person within the week.


Choose an Honest, Reputable Detective Agency


Once you’ve made the decision to use a private investigator  to find a missing person, you should pay due diligence to finding the right firm. If anyone tells you that they’ll guarantee to find the person you’re looking for, then this is a warning sign, as that’s simply something that you can’t promise and it smacks of dishonesty. Also, you ‘ll need to see that the agency you’re using is licensed, so if they’re in any way guarded about the fact, we’d move on and keep looking. there are a few crooks out there so check licencing to be safe.


At The Investigative Collective, we are a fully licensed private detective agency  and have years of experience and effective methods in legally finding missing people. We would never promise what we can’t deliver, but what we can do is tell you that we’ll do everything in our power to locate the person you’re seeking. To find out more about us and how we work, visit us online at www.investigation.com.au


Alternatively, if you would like to speak to one of our experts, we’re more than willing to assist in any way we’re able to. You can get in touch by calling our lead investigator directly today on 0411 853 111 or emailing at investigate@investigation.com.au  We’ll work hard from minute one to ensure that you’re delighted that you reached out.



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