The Investigative Collective is Australia’s preeminent private investigator and covert surveillance investigation group.

For more than 20 years, the Investigative Collective has been the go-to group of licensed Sydney private investigator firms here to help one person: you.

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Which Private Investigator For You?

Each private investigator firm within the Investigative Collective has a focus that extends further than any other private investigator group in Sydney. Work alongside the trusted professionals who are expertly paving the way within the  investigative industry.

The following firms make up the entire Investigative Collective:

Each firm addresses their own niche and private investigator speciality. Take heart. No matter what you require, the firms within the Investigative Collective can address your issue.

The Investigative Collective Guide

Use this investigative guide as your resource. Here, each firm within the Investigative Collective is highlighted and explored. If you have any questions determining which private investigator firm is right for you and your own situation, please let us know by emailing us directly at

Fully licensed. Professional. Trusted.

Investigative Collective on Channel 9’s ‘This Time Next Year’ August 2019

Our CEO David King again appeared on the Network Nine show with Karl Stefanovic called This Time Next Year. Our brief from Channel nine was to find the biological mother of Brisbane lady called Therese. Therese knew she was adopted as a child but had always wondered about her biological family and was desperate to get some answers. Our investigations were able to find some clarity for Therese. Click on the video to see how things unfolded.

The Investigative Collective’s David King appearing on SBS’s leading news program ‘Insight’ where he discussed infidelity issues along with other panel members.

The Managing Director appearing on Channel 9’s ‘Today Show’ talking about the general use of private investigators in Australia.

Channel 7’s current affairs show ‘Today Tonight’ and a story regarding absenteeism from the workplace and how some employers have to resort to the use of private investigators to gather proof of workers abusing the employment system.

Australia’s top private investigator appearing on Channel 10’s morning show ‘Studio 10’ with Logie award winning Denise ‘Ding Dong’ Drysdale with a light-hearted look at becoming a spy for a day.

David King appeared on Channel 9’s ‘This Time Next Year’ after the show asked him to locate the whereabouts of Stephen’s biological mother. See Stephen’s journey by watching this video.

Our investigators were contracted by Channel 9 top rating television show ‘This Time Next Year’ with Karl Stefanovic to locate Prosper’s school teach from when he was a child growing up in Africa.

The private investigation firms listed within our Investigative Collective specialize in every facet of personal investigation you may require. From relationship and infidelity investigations to high-level corporate and business investigations, the fully licensed, professional, trustworthy, and discreet private investigators within the Investigative Collective are most importantly…reputable.

Individually, our private investigators are fully licensed by the NSW Police. They’re highly trained and experienced in a wide variety of unique investigative fields.

Our private investigators are always discreet and always professional. They pride themselves on delivering high-quality information and data to illuminate any situation.

Evidence That Matters

Each investigator associated with the Investigative Collective works within state and federal laws, so your evidence is always usable. Each investigator also carries the most modern and up-to-date technology, including high-powered night vision cameras that can illuminate anything that may be trying to hide under the cover of darkness.

Once you find the private investigative group that resonates most with what you happen to be looking for, give the firm a call. Send an email. A quick response is to be expected.

Why Choose the Investigative Collective?

While there are dozens of private investigators in Sydney, many operators are themselves single investigators. To ensure you receive the time, attention, and dedication to your case which you deserve, seek a private investigative firm that possesses the experience, know-how, and commitment to the private investigation work itself.

The Investigative Collective is your best resource in seeking out the licensed private investigators in Sydney to help you get to the bottom of any matter you’re hoping to solve. 

See below to learn what each firm within the Investigative Collective offers.