Sydney Investigator

Sensitive. Private. Personal Investigations.

Are you looking for Australia’s leading private investigation group? If so, then you’re in the right place.

Sensitive. Private. Personal Investigations.

Sydney Investigator is Australia’s foremost relationships investigations team, carrying out sensitive and personal private investigations for more than 20 years.

Our licensed Sydney private investigators are standing by, ready to assist you in getting to the bottom of whatever matter you’re faced with—your cheating partner, infidelity investigations, investigations related to family law, social media inconsistencies, and investigations within the scope of computer and database-related incidents.

Get the Answers You’re Looking For

As they say, seeing is believing.  

Sydney Investigator was founded on fidelity testing. While this was (and continues to be) our most popular service, we also specialize in work related to carrying out countless family law investigations, where evidence is required in a court of law. Our work specializing in family law investigations has spanned the past two decades.

See it. Believe it.

When it comes to Sydney Investigator, note that we are rarely called to court, as our reports and video footage are considered to be excellent evidence. Unlike the fees other private investigators charge, a report and video is INCLUDED in the cost of your investigations. There are no additional fees.

Only the Experts

Quite often, surveillance is the only method of investigation that gets the answers you’re after.

Expert private investigators with Sydney Investigator follow and observe subjects in question utilizing the most advanced technology in modern surveillance methods. All of our Sydney Investigator investigators are fully licensed in their respective states and all are considered to be an “expert witness” in a court of law.

Camera technology continues to improved all the time. We can supply and install covert cameras in your home, in your car, or at your business.

Location-Based Investigative Work

Sydney Investigators trusted affiliates are throughout Australia, as well as many international destinations as well.

Within Australia, Sydney Investigators work within…

  • Sydney
  • Gold Coast
  • Tweed Heads
  • Brisbane

Answers You Can Trust

Hiring a private detective means one thing: you’re ready to get to the bottom of whatever incident is disrupting your life.

Here’s what you can count on when you work alongside the investigators at Sydney Investigators:

  • 24/7 Availability
  • Male + Female Operatives
  • State-of-the-art Surveillance Technology
  • Night Vision Capabilities
  • Prompt Services
  • 100% Client Discretion

Detailed + Confidential Information

How Can We Help You?

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