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Corporate Investigations –  taking care of business

From surveillance to forensics, Corporate Investigations can help you and your organization. Every investigation is held to the level of standard Corporate Investigations prides itself on: professionalism, discretion, and integrity. 

Not every private investigator works solely for one single individual. In certain cases, larger scaled entities like large and small companies, businesses,  governmental agencies, and legal bodies need quality investigative work, too. 

Recognised Nationally + Internationally

Corporate Investigations is based out of Sydney, Australia, with operatives and specialists throughout the Sydney metropolitan area, in regional areas and nationally. Our investigative affiliates include overseas firms which increase the scope of our investigations to an international level. We have reciprocal links to many parts of the world where we have trusted investigators in many countries around the globe.

While the investigative industry in Australia is relatively small, the current market has not catered towards businesses suffering from one-off problems. These businesses weren’t sure where to turn. With an urge to meet the demand of these businesses, Corporate Investigations was established in 1997. To this day, we meet the needs of commerce, businesses, governmental agencies, and legal bodies that require a private investigator.

A Unique Understanding

With a unique understanding—in addition to being the leaders of private investigative firms in Australia for more than 20 years— we guarantee you a wealth of experience and dedication to get the results you require for your particular assignment.

National Corporate & Business Investigations is the go-to resource for companies, small business, government and solicitors. Every investigator is fully licensed and include people from all walks of life including law enforcement, ex-military, legal and business.


The offices of National Corporate & Business Investigations are centrally located in the Sydney CBD with another manned office of private investigators on the Gold Coast servicing Tweed and Brisbane, all the way to the northern reaches of the Sunshine Coast.

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